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Vertical Foundations Ebook

Are you ready to take athletic development to the next level? 

Vertical Foundations is the NUMBER ONE vertical jump book in the world, describing the physiology, mechanics and technique of this vital sport skill. 

Complete with personal anecdotes, sample training programs, and scientific research studies, this book is the benchmark for coaches and athletes seeking a higher standard of training for vertical athletes.  

Over 120 color pages and 40,000+ words of top-notch info from an NCAA coach with 15 years of vertical jump training experience!

Chapter List: 

Introduction: A new light on vertical jump training 

1: Success factors of the explosive vertical athlete 

2: The nervous system, skill acquisition and motor learning 

3: Muscle actions and roles in jump performance 

4: Principles of applying instruction in jump technique 

5: Biomechanical and sequential considerations of jumping 

6: Individual training differences: Speed vs. force dominant 

7: Standing vertical jump technique and biomechanics 

8: Running jump principles and biomechanics 

9: Running double leg jumping technique and training concepts 

10: Running single leg jumping technique and training concepts 

11: Measuring vertical jump skill in the laboratory 

12: Exercises and programming for various jump styles 


Buy Vertical Foundations today, and take your game to the next level!    

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Vertical Foundations Ebook

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